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Pancake Day!

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If you follow us on Pinterest (which you really, really should) you will know that we are big fans of food, so any event, holiday or occasion that allows us to indulge even more than usual in our greatest love is fine by us! So with pancake day just around the corner we decided it was a good excuse to delve into the depths of Pinterest and find our favourite concoctions, we have tried to find you some of the more unusual takes on pancakes, but recipes that still look, sound and taste scrumptious!

First up we have Wheat Pancakes with Maple Bourbon Starwberries from naturallyella.com Now strawberries and maple syrup are a pretty standard accompaniments to pancakes but once you start adding bourbon in things start to get very interesting. This recipe says it serves 2, or 1 maybe if your feeling pretty greedy!


Buttermilk Apple Pancakes with an Apple Toffee Balsamic Maple Syrup from Adventures in cooking

Next up…. Apple pancakes with Apple Toffee Balsamic Maple Syrup from Adventures in Cooking. This sounds like a little bit of heaven, apples and toffee – a great combination, pancakes and maple syrup – a great combination, mix them together – sounds pretty good to me, throw in the Balsamic element – mind blown! This sounds like the ultimate in indulgence, and that stack of pancakes looks like it could be demolished pretty quickly if they taste as good as they sound!


Blueberry Dutch Baby Pancakes from Say Yes To Hoboken

This is an interesting take on a pancake, the Blueberry Dutch Pancakes from Say Yes To Hoboken look a little bit like Yorkshire puddings rather than pancakes, but as anyone who has tried a yorkshire pudding with jam on top knows , this is a great combination, so this may not be a traditional looking pancake but we bet it tastes pretty amazing!


Cappuccino Pancakes with Mocha Syrup from Pastry Affair

What better way to start your day, combine your pancake day breakfast with your morning coffee fix, these Cappuccino pancakes complete with Mocha strip from Pastry Affair sound like the perfect morning pick me up!  Add the finishing touches of obligatory whipped cream and you won’t be finding yourself craving that Starbuck fix any time soon!


Dirty Chai Pancakes with Spiced Caramel Sauce from Cooking For Seven

Now this one has an interesting name, that doesn’t instantly sound all that appealing, but look a little closer and all is explained. The “dirty” element is fresh ground espresso in mixed throughout the batter, giving it a speckled appearance, the chai spices give flavour to the pancakes themselves and then a spiced caramel sauce containing cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg rounds everything off nicely. A proper warming, hearty take on pancakes, perfect on a cold, wintery night, and as much as we are meant to be heading into spring, lets face in Pancake day is bound to a wash out, these will suit perfectly! Head over to Cooking For Seven for the full recipe.


Oreo Pancakes from Minimalist Baker

Who doesn’t love an Oreo cookie? So in turn who wouldn’t love an Oreo pancake stack?! This one just looks mouthwatering, and if your after a visual showstopper to produce on Pancake day we think we may have found it!  These fluffy chocolate pancakes are complimented by a creamy coconut vanilla filling, with a preparation and cooking time of only 15 mins these are must-do for any choc-a-holics out there, perfect for a breakfast treat or decadent dessert! View all the images and get the recipe from Minimalist Baker.


Red Velvet Pancakes with Cream Cheese Glaze from Cooking Classy

So it’s a big week for special days, Pancake Day, Valentines Day, this pancake recipe kinda merges the 2 together, fluffy red velvet pancakes smothered with a cream cheese glaze, basically a red velvet cupcake in pancake form – amazing!! You can make them on Tuesday to celebrate Pancake day and then make them on Thursday to celebrate Valentines Day and then you can make them on Friday and Saturday and Sunday and Monday just because you can! Get the full recipe from Cooking Classy.


Sausage Pancakes from Honey and Jam

Last but by no means least, why not go down the savoury route?! This recipe for Sausage Pancakes from Honey and Jam looks like the perfect starting point if your sweet tooth isn’t really up for it this Pancake Day. The recipe calls to smother them in Maple Syrup, a very American thing to do, and maybe an acquired taste, but we think they sound like the perfect Pancake Day dinner to us!

Enjoy Pancake Day whatever you decide on, and be sure to tell us what you make and if you attempt any of our top picks! Have fun!

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