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Jason Munn: The Small Stakes

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Jason Munn aka The Small Stakes is THE world’s leading modern day music poster designer.

Munn has been designing posters for over 10 years, initially for local venues and independent musicians, but as time has gone by his clients have increased in scale, now designing gig posters for Death Cab for Cutie, The Flaming Lips, Gotye and Flight of the Conchords to name just a few, his simplistic, yet distinctly beautiful silk screened designs have made him one very sought after designer.

Mainly focussing on posters he also undertakes various other design commissions and has a permanent collection of posters at the Denver Art Museum and at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. In 2010 he released a book of his favourite posters entitled “The Small Stakes” which contains a selection of over 150 of his posters from between 2002 – 2009, the book is still available for purchase – and we highly recommend it! – so go and grab yourself a copy here.

As always below is a small selection of some of the prolific poster artwork Munn is responsible for, be sure to check out his site for new poster releases, blog and online shop where you can purchase limited edition prints.

To find out more about The Small Stakes in Jason Munn’s own words take a look at this Q&A interview featured on Grain Edit and you will get a rare insight into his creative process, it’s well worth a read.


Bonnie and Clyde Rolling Roadshow 2011 Series


The Last Picture Show Rolling Roadshow 2011 Series


No Country for Old Men rolling Roadshow 2011 Series


The National


SFMOMA Painting + Sculpture Artist Series


Death Cab for Cutie


Goyte - Missy Higgins


Flight of the Conchords


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